Respect Life Ministry

Our Mission Statement

To protect the sanctity of life. To become instruments in the Hands of God in preserving the lives of those most at risk by giving our time and talent whenever and wherever they are needed in our community.

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Mother’s Day Weekend
Baby Bottle Boomerang starts!
Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic, founded by Archbishop Naumann in 2007, and Olathe Pregnancy Center founded in 2018, has successfully saved the lives of hundreds of babies while improving the lives of women and families.  To continue doing this, your support is needed.  As you leave church this Mother’s Day, please accept a Baby Bottle from a respect-life parishioner, pray the included prayers with your family, and if possible, fill the bottle with your pocket change. Bottles will be collected on Father’s Day.  This is a great way to recognize and thank our parents who gave us life. Your kindness will be saving and changing lives!  Thank you!

Roses for Life

The Roses for Life Campaign, sponsored by the Respect Life Committee and the Knights of Columbus,  will be held in January in preparation for the Anniversary of Roe v Wade.    This is a way you can let Kansas legislators know that you support life – from conception to its natural end.  Anyone 18 years of age and older can pick up a rose on their way into or out of mass.  Roses will be collected after communion or during coffee and donuts.  All the roses collected at St Agnes and neighboring parishes will be delivered to Topeka “during annual March for Life”.  Thank you for supporting life, please continue to pray for our leaders

March for Life

Looking for a way to stand up for life?  Join the St Agnes Respect Life Ministry along with 1000’s of fellow Kansans at the Kansas March for Life. We will leave in the morning and be back shortly after lunch.  If you’d like more information or be part of our caravan, please contact Janna.  We would love to have you join us! Watch the bulletin for more details.

October is ‘Respect Life Month’

We will be placing signs on Church & School property during the month of October.  It is our hope that this will
encourage parishioners and passers-by to pray for the protection of the lives of the innocent and vulnerable, from conception to natural to death.

Baby Bottle Boomerang (BBB)

The Pro-Life Ministry will be hosting a Baby Bottle Boomerang fundraising campaign from Saturday, October 5th to S.  Baby Bottles will be distributed at all Masses on Saturday, October 5th and Sunday, October 6th, and it is requested that the bottles be returned on Saturday, October 26th and Sunday, October 27th.  The BBB campaign is a fundraising event for the benefit of the Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic.

The Annual Life Chain

The annual Life Chain will be held on the first Sunday of October  The location for St. Agnes participants is the Northwest corner of 95th & Metcalf.  The event will begin at 1:30 pm and will conclude at 2:30 pm.  Signs will be handed out, beginning at 1:00 pm, and will be collected at the conclusion of the event.  Life Chain is peaceful, prayerful, and non-confrontational.  It’s appropriate for all ages but we ask that for their safety, all young children be secured in strollers All are invited. 

Our Organizational Structure and Activities

Four sub-committees serve as pillars for the St. Agnes Pro-Life Committee:

  1. Public Information & Education Sub-Committee:

Sponsors and conducts intensive education and promotion programs that touch all groups within our parish, including our grade school and religious education efforts. This might include arranging for interesting Pro-Life speakers and inviting all parishioners to attend.

Activities to date have included:

  • Arranging for Dr. John Morris to speak to parishioners on the Untruths concerning Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  • Arranging and coordinating with faculty members for a Spiritual Adoption Program for 8th Grade students at St. Agnes Grade School.
  • Participating in the National Right to Life Conference and advertising in their program guide.
  • Arranging for Jane Brennan, author of Motherhood Interrupted, to speak on the Evils of Abortion and the Need for Post-Abortive Healing at Holy Trinity Parish, St James Academy and St. Thomas Aquinas High School.
  • Participating in the planning of the 2nd Annual Gospel of Life Convention and creating the brochures and posters used to publicize the event.
  1. Pastoral Care Sub-Committee:

Promotes, sponsors and/or supports existing pregnancy counseling units and other alternatives to abortion. This might include enlisting and arranging for parish volunteers to assist at alternative centers such as Wyandotte Pregnancy Center and Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center.

Activities to date have included:

  • Locating, purchasing, and delivering a sonogram examining table for Wyandotte Pregnancy Center
  • Implementing the Baby Bottle Boomerang Program for Wyandotte Pregnancy Center
  • Gathering gifts and setting up the Christmas Store for Wyandotte Pregnancy Center
  • Assisting the Knights of Columbus with the Annual Baby Shower for Wyandotte Pregnancy Center
  1. Public Policy Program Sub-Committee:

Through ongoing public information programs, generates public awareness of the continuing effort to establish legal protection for unborn children and those threatened by euthanasia. This might include supplying parishioners with the addresses, e-mails, and telephone numbers of their federal, state, and county representatives.

Activities to date have included:

  • Conducting the Voter Registration Drive
  • Implementing the Roses for Life Campaign to inform selected pro-abortion Kansas legislators of who the pro-life advocates are among their voting constituency
  • Implementing the Opposition to Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) Postcard mailings for Federal legislators in Washington, DC
  • Implementing the Red Envelope Campaign to inform President Obama of the number of lives that have been destroyed by abortion since enactment of Roe v. Wade.
  1. Prayer & Worship Sub-Committee

Sponsors programs of prayer in the parish to pray for mothers and their unborn children and writes petitions and church bulletin announcements for Saturday and Sunday Masses.

Activities to date have included:

  • Hosting Crossroads students who were walking to Washington, DC from the West Coast
  • Participating in 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaigns
  • Creating and erecting the parish display during Respect Life month
  • Attending the monthly Pro-Life Archdiocesan Mass and praying the Rosary outside an abortion clinic
  • Participating in annual Life Chain Campaigns
  • Writing pro-life church bulletin announcements and prayer petitions
  • Serving coffee and donuts after 8 and 10 a.m. Masses in the Parish Center