Men of St. Agnes

The Men of St. Agnes is an unorganized group of men that gathers on Thursday mornings for the 6:45 mass, and then meets in the hall below for good spiritual conversations over coffee and breakfast. The term breakfast is being loosely interpreted as donuts and muffins. This is your chance to join an organization with policies all men can agree to: no dues, no attendance requirements, and virtually no organization. Showering and shaving before meetings is optional. We don’t give spirituality tests. We are just regular guys trying to put our Catholic faith into practice. We strive to be finished by 8:00 a.m. so that everyone can get to work, get back to bed, or go wherever men go during the day. Our group provides a great opportunity to meet other male parishioners who are avoiding early morning exercise and newspaper reading. We are the who’s who and who’s not of St. Agnes.

Our calendar is simple, we meet on Thursday mornings, same time, same place every week. I find that this is a great way to start my day and provide a little spiritual “oomph” before heading to the office. As a newer member of the parish, Men of St. Agnes has helped me to learn about the community and become more involved with fellow parishioners. All members of the group enjoy having the chance to discuss their beliefs, questions, and lives in an informal setting with men of their ilk. Yep, ilk.