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Adoration Chapel News

Beginning at 6:00 am on Ash Wednesday, our Adoration Chapel will return to a 24/7 format. We would ideally like to have dedicated hours assigned to all Adorers. Hopefully returning to a 24/7 format will accommodate more Adorers. The criteria to become an Adorer is:

  • Contact Brian Buechler at for available hours.
  • Be a registered Agnes Parishioner.
  • Be a registered Parishioner in a neighboring Parish, but must provide a letter from your pastor stating so. This letter must be sent via email to
  • Select a specific hour/day for your
  • Be respectful of the Chapel, along with any Adorers who may be there as
  • Children must be supervised and stay in the Chapel with an


To access the chapel a key card is necessary and can be obtained by first contacting Brian Buechler,

at Your email and phone number will be required. If you should lose your key card a replacement can be obtained for a $5 fee.