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Miss Lisbon & Mrs. Burns'

6th Grade Homework





Tuesday 5/19 Ch. 10 Religion Quiz


Tuesday, May 19th

Math- simple solutions #127

S.S.- Scholastic News WS

Monday, May 18th

Math-simple solutions #126

Religion- 10.4 Wkst

Friday, May 15th

Math- simple solutions #125

Wednesday, May 13th

Math- simple solutions #123

Tuesday, May 12th

Math-simple solutions #122 and STUDY

Grammar- pg. 404 Ex. 10 #11-20

Monday, May 11th

Math- pg.648 #2-28 even

Religion- 10.2 WKST

Grammar- pg. 402 Ex. 8 #11-20

Wednesday, May 6th

Math-pg.642 #1-16 all and simple solutions #120

Grammar- pg. 400 Ex. 7 #1-10

Tuesday, May 5th

Math-pg.638 #1-31 odd and simple solutions #119

Grammar- pg. 398 Ex. 4 #11-20

Religion- WS

Monday, May 4th

Math-pg.630 #2-40 even and simple solutions #118

Grammar- pg. 396 Ex. 2 #1-10

Social Studies- 11.1 WS

Friday, May 1st

Math-simple solutions #117 and decimal review wkst

Thursday, April 30th

Math- pg. 626 #2-38 even and simple solutions #116

ELA- Esperanza Comprehension Questions

Wednesday, April 29th

Math- pg.623-624 #2-36 even and simple solutions #115

ELA- analyze poem WKST

Tuesday, April 28th

Math-pg.619 #2-34 even and simple solutions #114

Religion- 9.4 Worksheet

ELA- Esperanza comprehension questions

Monday, April 27th

Math- pg.612 #1-35 odd and simple solutions #113

ELA- Analyze "A Poison Tree" poem, Esperanza Rising read pg. 214-224

Religion- 9.3 WS

Social Studies- ABC Ancient Civilization Book due Friday 5/1 (We will be working on during class too)

Thursday, April 22nd

Math- worksheet

Tuesday, April 21st

Math-pg.608 #2-32 even and simple solutions #112

ELA- Analyze "A Dream Deferred" WS

Religion- 9.2 WKST

Monday, April 20th

Math- simple solutions #110 and 111, pg.604 #2-34 even

Religion- 9.1 Wkst

ELA- Esperanza Rising pg. 199-204(Bring in newspaper, a magazine, or page from a book for black-out poetry for Thursday)

Thursday, April 16th

Math-simple solutions #108

ELA- Finish reading Esperanza pg. 179-189,Quiz Whiz WS

Wednesday, April 15th

Math-simple solutions #107

ELA- Esperanza Rising pg. 157-168,Comprehension Questions

Tuesday, April 14th

Math-simple solutions #106

ELA- scholastic news worksheet, finish reading "Esperanza Rising" pg.158-167

Monday, April 13th

Math- simple solutions #105

Science- finish hygiene interactive notebook

ELA- comprehension questions

Friday, April 10th

Math- simple solutions #104

Thursday, April 9th

Math- simple solutions #102, 103

Science- ask two family members about their genes

ELA- Quiz Whiz WS

Social Studies- Finish the study guide

Wednesday, April 8th

Math- simple solutions #100 and 101

ELA- "Esperanza Rising" pg. 121-129

Tuesday, April 7th

ELA- "Esperanza Rising" Read Chapter "Onions" pg. 100-120

Quiz Tomorrow

Scholastic News Worksheet 

Social Studies- 10.4 pg. 328-331 Finish fill in the blank notes 

Religion- Finish Prayer Book

Wednesday, April 1st

ELA- Read Esperanza pg. 93-99, quiz tomorrow over Cantalopes chapter pg. 81-99

Tuesday, March 31st

ELA- Esperanza read pg. 81-93

**Apostle's Creed test tomorrow

Monday, March 30th

ELA- Esperanza Rising pg. 65-80 and quiz tomorrow 

Social Studies- Finish notes pg. 324-327

Friday, March 27th

Science- study for interactice notebook test

****Make sure you have a book to read after testing

Thursday, March 26th

E.L.A- "Esperanza Rising" finish reading pg.46-57 and quiz tomorrow on "Figs" chapter

Social Studies- finish notes pg.320-323

Religion- Finish prayer book

Wednesday, March 25th


ELA- "Esperanza Rising" pg. 39-46

Tuesday, March 24th

Math-s.s #98

Science- shark tank (idea needs to be approved by tomorrow!)

Religion- Apostles Creed wkst

ELA- Finish reading "Papayas" and quiz tomorrow

Monday, March 23rd

Math- s.s #97

Science- be thinking of your shark tank idea!

ELA- Read pg. 1-22 of Esperanza Rising and quiz tomorrow

Social Studies- 10.1 Africa WS

Religion- Apostles Creed WS

Wednesday, March 11th

Math- s.s #96

**** Be ready to present Greek God and Goddess projects tomorrow.  You must wear your uniform to school and change here!

Tuesday, March 10th

Math-s.s #95

ELA- Scholastic News WS

Monday, March 9th

Math- tenmarks and s.s #94

Religion- 8.4 Worksheet & quiz tomorrow

ELA- Quiz Whiz WS

Thursday, March 5th

Math- worksheet and s.s #92

ELA- suffix/prefix worksheet

Social Studies- Finish timeline

Wednesday, March 4th

Math-absolute value worksheet and s.s #91

ELA: suffix worksheet

Social Studies: Finish labeling map

Tuesday, March 3rd

Math- s.s #90

Science- finish Mitosis foldable

Religion- 8.3 worksheet


Friday, February 27th

Math-s.s #89 and  STUDY FOR TEST TUESDAY!

Science- finish cell division foldable


*** Have props and script ready to record Novel study plays on Tuesday/Wednesday

Thursday, February 26th

Math- s.s #88 and study for quiz tomorrow

Social Studies: Finish study guide

Wednesday, February 25th

Math- s.s #87

ELA: Quiz Whiz Worksheet 

Tuesday, February 24th

Math- pg.696 #1-7 all and s.s #86

Religion- 8.2 Wkst

ELA- Scholastic News Close Reading WS

Monday, February 23rd

Math-pg.690 #1-13 all and s.s #85

E.L.A-scholastic news wkst

Religion- 8.1 wkst

Friday, February 20th


Thursday, February 19th

Math- simple solutions #83

Science- finish animal cell

Grammar: pg. 370 Ex. 14 #1-10

Wednesday, February 18th

Math-pg.684 #2-16 even and s.s #83

E.L.A- Novel Study Job

Grammar- pg. 368 Ex. 11 #1-10

Monday, February 17th

Math- pg.680 #1-6 all and S.S #82

Science- finish plant cell

Grammar- pg. 366 Ex. 8 #1-5-Finish Novel Study Job

Social Studies- Practice Outlining pg. 241 only

Religion- WS

Thursday, February 12th

Math- simple solutions #81

Science- 16.2 vocab

Grammar- pg. 364 Ex. 5 #1-10Novel Study Job

Religion- 6B ONLY: finish prayer book pg

Wednesday, February 11th

Math- pg.674 #1-10 all and simple solutions #79,80

Grammar- pg. 362 Ex. 2 #1-10 Finish Novel Study Job

Tuesday, February 10th

Math- pg. 670 #1-15 odd and simple solutions #77 & #78

ELA- finish novel study job and Scholastic News WS

Religion- 7.3 Worksheet

Tuesday, February 3rd

ELA- finish novel study job     

Scholastic News Worksheet "Be a Quiz Whiz"

Religion- worksheet

Thursday, January 29th

Math- Simple Solutions #76 and study for quiz tomorrow!

ELA- Finish novel study job

Grammar- pg. 357-358 edit paragraph

Wednesday, January 28th

Math- simple solutions #76 (due Friday) STUDY FOR TEST!

E.L.A-Finish novel study jobs and

Grammar- pg. 350 Ex. 18 #1-10

Tuesday, January 27th

Math- simple solutions #75

ELA- finish novel study job

Grammar- pg. 348 Ex. 16 #1-10

Monday, January 26th

Math-pg. 396 #1-9 all and S.S #74

ELA- finish Novel Study Jobs

Grammar- pg. 346 Ex. 14 #1-10

Social Studies- Rome Map WS

Thursday, January 22nd

Math- pg.393 #2-30 even and simple solutions #72

ELA- novel study jobs

Wednesday, January 21st

Math- pg.387 #2-36 even and simple solutions #71

ELA- novel study finish reading and complete job

Social Studies- Scholastic News close reading worksheet

Tuesday, January 20th

Math-simple solutions #70

ELA- finish MLK letter. Finish reading and novel study jobs

Religion- Finish Ezra 3:1-13 timeline

Thursday, January 15th

Math-simple solutions #69 and SCALE DRAWING PROJECT!

Wednesday, January 14th

Math-pg.383 #1-32 even and simple solutions #68 START ON TAKE HOME PROJECT

E.L.A- scholastic news wkst

Tuesday, January 13th

Math-pg.376 #1-6 all and simple solutions #67

Science-16.1 vocab

Religion- timeline Kings 19:9-18

Grammar: pg. 344 Ex. 12 #1-15 Finish rough draft for writing assignment

Monday, January 12th

Math-pg. 371-372 #1-7 all and simple solutions #66

Grammar-10.5 #11-20 and scholastic news wkst

Religion-timeline Samuel 16:1-13 and Samuel

Friday, January 9th

Math-simple solutions #65

Religion- timeline Book of Exodus

Thursday, January 8th

Math-pg.368-369 #2-12 even and simple solutions #64

Science-11.2 vocab foldable (include word, definition and a picture)

Religion- Timeline Genesis 12:1-9

Grammar: pg, 338 Ex. 5 #11-20

Wednesday, January 7th

Math-pg.364 #1-20 all and simple solutions #63

Grammar- pg. 336 Ex. 4 #1-5

Tuesday, January 6th

Math-pg.358 #2-18 even and simple solutions #62

Grammar- textbook pg. 334 Ex. 1 #11-20Social Studies- Worksheet

Religion- Timeline Genesis 11:1-9

Monday, January 5th

Math- pg.354 #1-20 all and simple solutions #61

Science- 11.1 vocab foldable (include word, definiton and picture)

Religion-Timeline Genesis 7:24

ELA- Finish Helping Verb Worksheet

Social Studies- make a venn diagram comparing and contrasting Athens and Sparta


Friday, December 19th


Thursday, December 18th


Wednesday,December 17th

Math-Simple solutions #60 and STUDY FOR CH.6 TEST TOMORROW!


Tuesday, December 16th

Math-pg.334 #1-3 all and simple solutions #59

Grammar- pg. 313 Ex. 7 #1-5. BOOK REPORTS DUE THURSDAY!

Monday, December 15th

Math-pg.331-332 #1-16 all and simple solutions #58

Grammar- pg. 308 Ex. 11 #1-10

Friday, December 12th

Math-Simple solutions #57

Thursday, December 11th

Math-pg.328 #1-8 all and simple solutions #56. Study for simple solutions quiz tomorrow! (lessons 53-56)

Grammar-pg.304 ex.8 #11-20

Wednesday, December 10th

Math-pg.324-325 #1-9 all and simple solutions #55

Grammar-pg.302 ex.6 #1-10

Social studies-scholastic news worksheet

Tuesday, December 9th

Math-pg.320-321 #1-34 all and simple solutions #54

Grammar-pg.300 ex.4 #1-15

Religion-6L:finish pg.3 of prayer book

Monday, December 8th

Math-pg.316 #5-8 and simple solutions #53

Grammar-pg.298 ex.2 #1-10

Friday, December 5th

Science-finish 3D model

Thursday, December 4th

Math-pg.310-311 #1-12 all and simple solutions #52 AND study for simple solutions quiz tomorrow! (lessons 49-52)

Science-10.2 vocab

Grammar-edit paragraph on pg.329

Religion-finish "show me what you know"

Wednesday, December 3rd

Math-pg.304 #2-10 even and simple solutions #51

Grammar-pg.324 ex.9 #1-5

Science-3D model

Tuesday, December 2nd

Math-pg.300 #1-5 and #9-14 and simple solutions #50

Science-work on 3D model

Religion- "show me what you know" due Thursday

Grammer-pg.322 exercise 6 #1-10

Monday, December 1st

E.L.A-scholastic news worksheet

Math-pg.295 #1-4 and simple solutions #49

Science- 3D model layers of the Earth project

Tuesday, November 25th

Religion-6.4 worksheet

Monday, November 24th

Math-study for ch.5 test tomorrow!!

E.L.A-grammar pg.386 ex.9 #1-9 and finish adjective poster

Religion-6.3 Worksheet

Friday, November 21st


Thursday, November 20th

Math-study for simple solutions quiz tomorrow! (lessons 45-48)

E.L.A-grammar textbook pg.382 ex:4 #1-10

Science-10.1 vocab

Religion-6.2 Worksheet

Wednesday, November 19th

Math-pg.276 #2-28 even and simple solutions #48

E.L.A-grammar text book pg.380 #1-15 ex.2 answers only

Social Studies-study for test tomorrow!!

Tuesday, November 18th

Math-pg.272 #2-34 even and simple solutions #47

Religion-6.1 worksheet

ELA: adjective worksheet,  Show parents noun quiz and return 

Social Studies: Study for Ch. 5  test Thursday!

Monday, November 17th

Math-pg.266 #3-36 even and simple solutions #46


E.L.A- adj. worksheet

Social Studies-Study guide

Religion- 5.4 worksheet

Thursday, November 13th

Math-simple solutions #45

Religion-5.3 worksheet

Wednesday, November 12th

Social Studies- scholastic news

Math-pg.262 #2-30 even, simple solutions #44, STUDY FOR SIMPLE SOLUTIONS QUIZ TOMORROW!

Tuesday, November 11th

Math-pg.256 #2-30 even and simple solutions #43

Religion-5.2 Worksheet

E.L.A: B: Watsons vocab testEpilogue comprehension questions L: Timeline WSManiac Magee TestVocabulary Test Thursday 

Social Studies: Scholastic News WS

Monday, November 10th

Math-pg.250 #1-21 all SKIP #7,14,15

Science-9.3 vocab

Religion-5.1 Worksheet

E.L.A- 6B: Watsons ch.15 questions 6L: MM ch.45-46, journal response and finish comp questions

Social Studies-worksheet

Friday, November 7th

Math-Simple solutions #41

E.L.A-6B: watsons finish ch.14 and comp questions 6L: MM ch.42-44 comp questions pg.11 and pg.12 #1

Science-9.2 vocab

Thursday, November 6th

Math-pg.246 #2-28 even and simple solutions #40. STUDY FOR SIMPLE SOLUTIONS QUIZ TOMORROW! (LESSONS 37-40)

Religion-finish pg.2 of prayer book

E.L.A- 6B: ch.13 comp questions, finish figerative language sign 6L: ch.39-41 comp questions pg.9-10, journal response, finish figerative language sign

Wednesday, November 5th

Math-pg.240 #2-30 even and simple solutions #39

6B: Ch.12 and comp questions 6L:Ch.36-38 journal response pg.9 #1-3

Tuesday, November 4th

Math-pg.236 #2-30 even and simple solutions #38

E.L.A- 6B:watsons ch.11 comp questions 6L: MM finish reading ch.33-35, jounral response, comp questions pg.8

Monday, November 3rd

Math- pg.230 #2-32 e and simple solutions #37

E.L.A- 6B: Watsons ch.10 comprehension questions and finish character traits 6L: Maniac Magee read ch.28-32. pg. 7 comprehension questions and journal response. Quiz tomorrow ch.1-32!!

Science- 9.1 vocab: start studying them now!

Wednesday, October 29th


Tuesday, October 28th

E.L.A- 6L: journal response, comprehension check, pg.5 #1-3 6B: comprehension check, pg.8, vocabulary #7-12, write sentence from the book

Social Studies-scholastic news worksheet

Monday, October 27th

Science-study for test tomorrow!!

E.L.A-6L:read ch.18-21, journal response, comprehension check finish pg.4 6B:read chapter 7, comprehension check ch.7

Social Studies-finish map of Middle Kingdom

Computer-6B: Saint newsletter due tomorrow!

Friday, October 24th

Math-Study for test on Monday!!!

Religion-finish saint project! Be ready to present on Monday!

E.L.A-6B:finish ch.6 and comprehension questions, voab test ch.1-6 on Monday!! 6L:finish journal response and comprehension questions pg.4 #1-3 for ch.15-17

AND debate worksheet for both classes

Thursday, October 23rd

Math-Study for simple solutions quiz tomorrow! (lessons 33-36)

E.L.A- 6L: read 15-17 journal response 6B: ch.5 questions

Social Studies-video game debate worksheet

Science-4.3 vocab

Wednesday, October 22nd

Math-simple solutions #36

E.L.A- 6B:ch.4 comprehension questions 6L:finish journal response pg.3 #4-5 comprehension questions

Social Studies-scholastic news worksheet

Tuesday, October 21st

Math-pg.208 #1-14 all and simple solutions #35

E.L.A-6B Watsons read ch.3 6L: MM read ch.8-11

Social Studies-Study for ch.4 test tomorrow!!

Monday, October 20th

Math-pg.204 #2-28 even and simple solutions #34

E.L.A-6B: "Watsons" comprehension check ch.1 6L: "MM" comprehension question check

Social Studies- study for ch.4 test Wednesday!!

Thursday, October 16th

Math-Simple solutions lesson #33


Wednesday, October 15th


Tuesday, October 14th

Math-pg.200 #2-26 even and simple solutions lesson #31

Social Studies- worksheet

Religion-4.4 worksheet

Monday, October 13th

Math-pg. 194 #2-26 even and simple solutions lesson #30

Social Studies-Hinduism worksheet

Religion-4.3 Worksheet

Friday, October 10th

Math-Simple solutions #29

Science-research on your element

Thursday, October 9th

Math-pg.188 #2-28 even, simple solutions #28 and study for simple solutions quiz tomorrow! (over lessons 25-28)

E.L.A-economy comprehension questions worksheet

Science-4.2 vocab

Religion-4.2 worksheet

Wednesday, October 8th

Math-pg.183 #2-32 even and simple solutions #27

E.L.A-comprehension worksheet

Social Studies-finish notes (worksheet)

Tuesday, October 7th

Math-pg.175 #2-28 even and simple solutions #26

E.L.A-grammer worksheet

Religion-4.1 worksheet

Monday, October 6th

Math-pg.171 #2-24 even and simple solutions lesson #25


Social Studies- finish obituary

Science-4.1 vocab

Friday, October 3rd


Thursday, October 2nd

Math-divisibility worksheet, simple solutions #24 and study for simple solutions quiz tomorrow!! (lessons 21-24)



Wednesday, October 1st

Math-finish simple solutions lesson #23


Social Studies-bring shoe box and tp roll!

Tuesday, September 30th

Math-Simple Solutions lesson #23 (due Thursday) and Study for Ch.2 test tomorrow!!

Science-3.2 vocab

Religion-3.4 worksheet

Social Studies-study for test tomorrow!!

Monday, September 29th

Math-Finish board game if you didn't in class and Simple Solutions lesson #22

E.L.A- 6B: Study for MM test and vocab test tomorrow! 6L: finish comprehension questions

Science- states of matter worksheet

Religion-3.3 worksheet

Friday, September 26th

Math-Simple Solution lesson #21

Science-3.1 vocab/definitions

Thursday, September 25th

Math-Study for simple solutions quiz tomorrow! (over lessons 17-20)

Religion-3.1 worksheet

E.L.A-6B: finish journal response, pg.11 #4-5, pg.12 #1-3 6L: ch.14 comprehension questions

Wednesday, September 24th

Math- pg.92 #2-26 even and Simple Solutions lesson #20

Science-study for test tomorrow!

E.L.A- 6B: MM pg.9 #4-5 pg.10 #4-5 pg.11 #1-3 6L: ch.13 comprehension questions

Social Studies-finish Pharaoh poster

Tuesday, September 23rd

E.L.A- 6B: finish journal response, pg.9 #1-3 6L: ch.12 comprehension questions

Math- pg.86-87 #2-26 even SKIP #4 and 18. Simple Solutions #19

Science- Study for ch.2 test on Thursday!

Religion- 3.1 worksheet

Monday, September 22nd

Math- pg.83 #2-36 even and Simple Solutions lesson #18

E.L.A- 6B: comprehension questions pg.8 and finish journal response 6L: ch.11 and 12 comprehension questions