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6th Grade Service Hour Form

6th Grade Homework

***Math Kansas Assessments Begin Friday, April 11th, and will finish on Wednesday, April 16.  Get plenty of sleep and eat breakfast!!!!***

April 10, 2014

Science-read Mollusks article and write a summary paragraph of article. Begin working on

Invertebrate Booklet--Mollusks' section--due Wednesday.

Social Studies- Have Ancient China Dynasties Magazine Project packet

signed by parent; begin working on magazine project.

Reading-Read-in tomorrow!

April 9, 2014

Math-Working with Integers worksheet due tomorrow.

Religion- Holy Day worksheet due tomorrow.

April 8, 2014

Reading-read pp. 280-288 in Journeys Book; locate the ten vocabulary in the reading and write the sentence

it is used in. Write the page number beside each sentence. Complete "Understanding Characters" Selection


Science-Answer questions #1-4;6 from Earthworm Dissection packet in complete sentences.

April 7, 2014

Math-PD week 24 due Thursday.

ELA-Write a paragraph about a person who is courageous. What makes them courageous--give examples.

April 4, 2014

Science-Complete Study Guide and study for test on Monday; Invertebrate booklets "Worms" section

due on Monday

Reading-Read "Cultural Connections of the Guinea Worms" article; complete Life Cycle

worksheet on other side of article

Social Studies-Read pp. 166-171; complete "The Han Dynasty" worksheet--both sides.

April 2, 2014

Math-Page 474-476 # 3-9, 12, and 19-21.  Chapter 8 Quest over sections 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 on Friday.

Science-work on Invertebrate booklet--due Friday; complete vocabulary from

"Worm" packet--due Thursday. Quiz over "Worms" on Monday!

March 27, 2014

Reading-Comprehension worksheet

ELA-Study vocabulary words for test on Monday! Adjectives worksheet.

March 26, 2014

Reading- Rosa Parks project due on Friday--poster and paper (typed)

Social Studies-Write a paragraph summarizing the Shang Dynasty video

Science-Invertebrate booklet-Cnidarian section due on Friday; study for Cnidarian

quiz on Friday by completing "Review Sheet" for tomorrow.

March 25, 2014

Reading-Fact or Opinion Worksheet; Rosa Parks project due on Friday!!

ELA- p. 384: Ex. 7

March 24, 2014

Science-read article on Cnidarians and define vocabulary at end of article.

Reading-read pp. 432-437 and write one fact and one opinion per page; p. 424--write vocabulary

words in alphabetical order and use eachin a sentence

ELA-p. 384 #1-20

March 12, 2014

Math-Power Drill week 22 due tomorrow.

Science-Study for Porifera quiz tomorrow!

Cover and Porifera sections of brochure due tomorrow.

ELA-Vocab Packet Exercises 1 & 2

**Super Hero/Villain booklet on "Root" words due tomorrow!!

**Study "Root" words for quiz tomorrow!

Reading- Read Ch. 12; answer questions #1-5 in complete sentences.

Social Studies-read p. 150-157; define vocabulary; do side #1 of worksheet (all due on Thursday)


Science-Write "Abstract"for Science Investigation--due tomorrow.

Reading-Read Rosa Parks:My Story Chapter 11: complete questions #1-5

ELA-p.382#Ex 3#1-10; Ex 4 #1-10

**Super Heroes/Villainsbooklet for new Root words due on Thursday.

March 10, 2014

ELA-Begin making Super Heroes/Villains booklet for new Root words--due Thursday.

Begin studying root words for vocab test on Thursday.

Reading-Read Ch. 10 from Rosa Parks; write 6 main ideas and supporting details.

Social Studies-on Ancient China worksheet, fill out last box with 3 characteristics for the

3 areas we covered in notes.

Science-Write "Future" paragraph for Science Investigation; begin working

on Invertebrate booklet--first 2 pages due on Thursday; Porifera Quiz on Thursday

March 7, 2014

Religion-1 paragraph reflection of what you learned from the classroom activity.

March 6, 2014

Math-Page 418 # 1-14

Science-Write a paragraph or "Review of Literature" from notes.

ELA-p. 380: Ex. 2: #1-15; Villains and Super Heroes "Prefix and Suffix" Booklets

Reading-Read packet on Mexican Divided Votes and answer questions in

complete sentences. When answer is found, highlight answer in reading.

Social Studies-Read pp. 144-149; define all vocabular--highlighted in text and

in list on first page.

March 4, 2014

ELA-Complete Review #1 from Adjectives Packet; Make words from the

eight prefixes and suffixes introduced today; begin work on "Super Hero/

Villain booklet for 3 of the 8 prefxi/suffix words.

Reading-Read Ch. 9 and complete 6 Main Ideas/Details from chapter.

Math-Study for Chapter 6.6 quiz tomorrow!

Science-Read article on Porifera then define vocabulary within article.

February 27, 2014

Math-PD week 20 due tomorrow.

Reading-Read Ch. 8 from Rosa Parks: write nine main ideas and supporting details for chapter in

graphic organizer of  your choosing

ELA-Edit/Rewrite newspaper articles for Ch. 4-6 from Rosa Parks

Complete "Super Heroes" booklets--due tomorrow

Study for "root word" vocabulary test tomorrow and Most Commonly Misspelled

Words test tomorrow.

February 26, 2014

Science-Study for Cell Test tomorrow!

February 25, 2014

Math-Study for Chapter 7 test tomorrow-sections 7-1, 7-3, 7-7, 7-8, and 7-9!!!  Use the following tools to help you study:  Notes from the lessons, homework assignments, examples in the book, chapter review questions,  AND quizzes and additional practices.  

Science-Study for Cell Test on Thursday--study microscope diagram as well as plant

and animals cell diagrams, and the Review Sheet.

ELA-Finish front page of "Roots" packet; Work on "Super Heroes" Booklet"--due Friday;

Complete Adjectives #1 page from packet #1-14.

Reading-Read 8th Wonder of the World article and complete questions on back side in complete sentences

as necessary.

February 24, 2014

Math-PD week 20 due Friday, Feb. 28th.  Chapter 7 test on Wednesday.  Bring completed chapter review to class tomorrow.

Science-Complete Review Sheet--due tomorrow. Test over Cells on Thursday.

ELA-Work on Greek/Latin Base Words "Super Heroes" (three total)-due Friday.

Write 10 words on "Roots" packet--2 words per root word (to "ject")

Reading-Read Ch. 7 and fill out Graphic Organizer

February 21, 2014

Reading-Read Ch. 6 in Rosa Parks; fill out "Web" Graphic Organizer

Finish "Hot Topic" worksheet; Finish the "Cloud Forests" packet

ELA-Complete Nouns 9; Day 5 cursive packet

Science-Re-read Ch. 9 and complete Section 2 Study Guide Worksheet

February 20, 2014

Reading-Read Ch. 5 and fill out Main Idea/Supporting Details Graphic Organizer

ELA-Complete "Nouns 8" and Day 4 in Cursive Writing packets

February 18, 2014

Math-Page 392 # 2-8 EVENS

Reading-Read Rosa Parks article and answer questions #1-7 in complete sentences; questions

#1-3 on second page in complete sentences

Social Studies-Begin working on Social Studies Ancient Indian Project

February 12, 2014

Reading--Complete Reading Packet

English-Complete "Nouns" Packet and "Cursive Writing" packet

Social Studies-Ch. 4 Review p. 142 #1-18; #1-5 word answer only;

#6-18 answer in complete sentences

February 11, 2014

Math-Page 387 #28-46 EVENS

February 10, 2014

Reading-Write  a newspaper article (rough draft) about Rosa parks' childhood. Minimum of 20 sentences.

Proofread your work.

English-First page of noun packet; vocabulary 3 x 5  card decorated and ready for the "Word Door".

Social Studies-Read pgs 136-139; define vocabulary; take notes over reading

**Make Graphic Organizer over what Hinduism is (must be 6 circles total)

Science-Complete Human Tissue Concept map(use p. 483)and Plant Tissue diagram (use p.487)

February 7, 2014

*Parent-Signed Conference sheets due Monday 2-10-14*

Math-Page 387 #2-26 EVENS & WK 19 PD due Monday.

Religion- Faithbook project due Wednesday 2-12-14

Reading-Read Ch. 3; write down 10 vocabulary cards from your reading;

write a summary of Ch. 3 (minimum of 10 sentences), using descriptive words

ELA--study spelling and vocabulary words for test on Monday!

Science- read pp. 483-487; Answer questions p. 487:#1-4 in complete sentences

February 3, 2014

Social Studies- answer questions p. 129 #1-5 in complete sentences

**If a snow day: Read pp. 130-135 and answer questions p. 135 #1-5 in complete sentences.

Math-PD week 19 Due Friday.

Religion-Faithbook Saint Project due Friday.

Reading-Define vocabulary on 3 x 5 cards with definition and picture; Read Ch. 2 in Rosa Parks: My Story and

write down 10 main ideas with supporting details from the chapter

January 31, 2014

Religion-Saints project Final Draft due Monday 2-3-14

January 28, 2014

Science-Read pp. 476-481 in book; define vocabulary;take notes and answer questions p. 481 #1-5

in complete sentences

January 27, 2014

Reading-Finish rough draft of "Cause and Effect Pyramid with summary.

**Complete Cause and Effect Worksheet (use Journey's Book as necessary).

Math-Power Drill Week 18 due Friday. Two AC math TOPS reports, above 75% each, due Friday.

Religion-Saint paper rough draft due tomorrow.  Typed-12 font, Times New Roman, Double spaced, Title page with Bibliography.

January 23, 2014

Math-Chapter 5 test tomorrow!!!! Use your test review, previous lessons, and notes to study!

Religion-Begin researching for Saints project/paper.  Rough Draft due Tuesday, January 28th.  Final draft due to Thursday, January 30.

Social Studies-read pp. 118-123; fill out graphic organizer with notes; answer questions p. 123 #1-5

in complete sentences

Science-Study for Acids and Bases test tomorrow. Turn in final copy of Scientific Method.

Reading-Read pp. 487-489: use cause and effect graphic organizer to complete for pages.

Complete Context Clues Worksheet--make sure you write definition and fill out clues

box for each word--do not do the bonus.

January 21, 2014

Math- Chapter 5 Review Page 282-284 #9-15 AND #30-43.  Chapter 5 test Friday!!!!!!

January 21, 2014

Science-write rough draft of Scientific Method using Acids and Bases as subject matter.

ELA- Context Clues Worksheet--all

Math- Pg. 272 # 14-38 EVENS

Social Studies- reread pp. 112-115 (concentrate on p. 114) and complete Graphic Organizer.

January 14, 2014

**All permission slips for Second quarter rewards and $5 are due tomorrow morning!!

Science-Ch. 4 Review p. 122-123 #1-20;22-24 (22-24 in complete sentences)

ELA-Writer's Choice p. 370 Ex 13 & 14 all

**Rewrite Rough Draft of Vocation Essay and count words written (s/b 300-400 words).

Reading-Make 10 creative vocabulary cards for the words on p. 476-477

Math-Pg 262 # 18-42 EVENS.

January 13, 2014

Science-Complete paragraph on investigation.

Social Studies--(question from Friday)Answer the following question in a minimum of 5 sentences:

"Identify different weather events that could have an effect on people and a nation."

January 9, 2014

Reading-Complete Story Map for story and answer the two Read and Think questions.

English-Complete Rough Draft on Vocation Essay; Writer's Choice p. 372: Review 1 & 2

**Study Spelling words week 6 and vocabulary words for test tomorrow.

Math-Page 240 #2-28 EVENS.

January 8, 2014

Math-Pg 236 #6-15.

Science-Complete mini booklet with atoms, elements, molecules, and compounds

ELA-Complete 10 vocabulary cards--due tomorrow--with word, definition, and picture for each

**Brainstorm the following questions with parents at home: "Why are Priests, Sisters, and

Brothers necessary for the mission of the Catholic Church?" Due tomorrow.

Reading-Complete Current Event paper; complete Story Structure worksheet

January 7, 2014

Science-Atoms Family worksheet

ELA-Writer's Choice p. 368: Ex 11 #1-10, Ex 12 #1-5 (Must write 2 sentences on Ex. 12)

Reading-Make 10 Vocabulary Cards for vocabulary on pp. 450-451 (Due Thursday)

Read 452-458 and Make a Story Map

December 17, 2013

Science-Study brochure and packet for Science Test tomorrow--open brochure/note test.

ELA-Writer's Choice p. 366 :Ex. 9 #1-5 in complete sentences

Social Studies-Read pp. 96-101; take notes in brochure & define vocabulary

December 16, 2013

Religion-Begin writing the first two sentences (introduction, and first sentence) of prayer of intercession to Patron Saint.

December 14, 2013

ELA--Writer's Choice p. 366 Ex: 7 #1-10 and Ex: 8 #1-5

Social Studies--Be ready to start Pharaoh presentations

December 13, 2013

Science-Be ready for slime in three different forms to come home!

ELA--If needed finish Literature Circle Items to turn in packet.

Social Studies-Bring all Pharaoh, Guard, and Mummy costume (must be home-made, not

store bought) for Egyptian Parade on Monday afternoon (make-up must be sent to school not worn to school).

December 12, 2013

Math-Study for Chapter 4 Test tomorrow!  Use practice test, chapter review, class notes, online website, and previous assignments.

Reading-Literature Circle projects due tomorrow for those books completed. All others due on Monday.

ELA-Study words for spelling test and paragraph tomorrow.

**10 Vocabulary cards due on Monday!

Social Studies-Two page research paper due tomorrow!

December 11, 2013

Social Studies-Two-page, typed Research paper due on Friday--must have cover sheet and

sources page (use the example page passed out yesterday).

ELA-Current Event summary and evaluation due tomorrow--use Current Event sheet as a guide.

**Begin creating vocabulary cards with vocabulary word and definition on one side and a picture

on the other--due on Monday.

Reading-Finish Literature Circle items.

Math-Practice Test B worksheet due tomorrow. Chapter 4 Test Friday.

December 10, 2013

Math-Page204 #10-18.  Chapter 4 Test Friday!

Religion-Intercession worksheet.

ELA- Complete Story Map from Chapter Yesterday--use the format from the board.

**Current Event Article Due Tomorrow!

Reading-Read next chapter in book and complete Literature Circle items.

Social Studies-Complete Power Point for Presentations starting on Thursday. Power Points due tomorrow.

**Research papers on Pharaohs due on Friday--must be typed!

**Remember to get Pharaoh outfits (don't purchase--make from home) for parade on Monday.

December 9, 2013

Science-We are making Oobleck slime tomorrow--bring a large shirt to put over clothing.

ELA-p. 364: Ex 4 #1-10 in Writer's Choice

Choose a vocabulary word to put on door and begin studying for Vocab Test on Friday.

Begin studying Week #5 Spelling words for test on Friday.

Reading-Read next chapter and complete Literature Circle Job.

December 4, 2013

Math-Page 175 # 8-17

Social Studies- Two paragraph summary on Eyptian Pharaoh due on Monday.

ELA-Vocabulary cards (10) due tomorrow. Word with definition and picture for each.

Reading-Current Event Article, using Outline format provided--summary and evaluation due tomorrow.

Math-Pg 175 #1-6.  Power Drill Due Friday

December 3, 2013

Math-Page 171 #10-24 EVENS.  Power Drill WK 13 due Friday.

ELA-p. 362; Ex. 1 #1-10 in Writer's Choice

Reading-complete Literature Circle items; Story Map of chapter read--due tomorrow

Science-Make 3 Element cards: 1-Metal, 1-Non-Metal, 1-Metalloid of your choosing.

Must contain: Atomic Number, Element Symbol, Atomic Mass, (in top left corner) who found it, where it was found,

(in bottom area) what it is used for, or what it is contained in--Due on Friday!

December 2, 2013

ELA-Begin making 3x5 vocabulary notecards with definitions and picture (choose 10 words)

Reading-Complete Ancient Greece reading with questions worksheets.

Social Studies--Begin researching chosen Pharaoh for research project.

November 25, 2013

Science-read pp. 106-111; answer questions #1-3 in complete sentences

ELA-p. 328: Ex. 5 (#1-5)& 6 (#1-25 odds)

November 22, 2013

November 21, 2013

Reading-Literature Circle; read chapter and complete assigned area

Math-Page 200 # 10-26 EVENS.

Science-Fill out periodic table of elements through #20 with element symbol and state at room temperature.

November 20, 2013

Math-Page 200 #1-4

Science-Complete "History of the Atom" brochure--due tomorrow.

ELA-Complete Current Event Article summary and review due tomorrow.

Reading-Complete Literature Circle items--due tomorrow.

November 19, 2013

Math-Page 191 "Try This" #2.  Measure 5 objects with your created rulers and list those items.  Write three equivalent fractions to each object's length.

Social Studies-Read pp. 92-95; take notes and define vocab. in brochure; answer Reading Checks in brochure.

Bring water bottle (16.9 oz) for project tomorrow!

ELA-complete p. 326: Ex. 1 & 2; write Exercise 1 in complete sentences

Reading-Complete Story Map for chapter reading (Day 12)

**Bring Current Event Article to review and write tomorrow!

November 18, 2013

Science-read pp. 102-105; complete notes in chart; answer questions p. 105 #1-5 in complete sentences

ELA-complete Success Maker "Identifying Nouns" worksheet--due tomorrow.

Choose 10 vocabulary words from sheet to define and learn--due Thursday; vocab test on Friday (just those 10)

Reading-complete Literature Circle job for "Day 11/12"

Social Studies-read pp. 88-91; take notes and define vocab in brochures; answer Reading Checks(2) in brochures in complete sentences

November 15, 2013

Social Studies-bring a 16.9 oz empty water bottle to class for project--due Wednesday.

November 14, 2013

Religion-Use Chapter 3 study Guide to study for the Chapter 3 Test tomorrow!!!  You will have to memorize one of the Mysteries in the correct order.

Science--Read pp. 98-101; fill out chart with notes, vocabulary and pictures

Reading-Read novels from literature circles; get materials organized for check tomorrow

ELA-Study 100 most misspelled words; write vocabulary words for word wall tomorrow (choose one)

Social Studies-take notes from pp. 82-85 in brochure; answer question #2-5 in brochure in complete sentences

November 13, 2013

Social Studies-Decorate brochure cover; read pp. 82-85 and define definitions in brochure.

Reading-Read current event and write summary & evaluation using the format assigned.

Math-Page 188 #2-28 EVENS.  Power Drill Due Friday.

November 12, 2013

Religion-Chapter 3 test Friday.

Math-Power Drill due Friday.

Science-Study Study Guide for Chapter Test tomorrow (Wed)!

November 11, 2013

Science- 92-93 #1-20, 23 **Test over Chapter on Wednesday!

Reading-Story Map completion for chapters read.

November 8, 2013

Social Studies--Study Ch. 2 study guide--study for test on Monday!

November 7, 2013

Science--complete video packet on Matter

Reading-Literature Circles--complete any work not finished during class.

ELA-Writer's Choice p. 324 #1-5 (Ex. 7) and #1-10 (Ex. 8) odds only.

**Test over "Week One" Most Commonly Misspelled words tomorrow!

Social Studies- Ch. 2 Review Sheet completion--write answer to Essay Question to review for tomorrow

(go to Code_of_Hammurabi for assistance in finding information on this code).

**Test over Ch. 2 on Monday!!

November 6, 2013

Science-Take notes and define vocabulary from pp. 84-86 in Science book.

Reading-Read current event article, underline Main Ideas in article, and write a

paragraph summary about article.

ELA- pp. 324: #1-5 (Ex. 7), #1-10 (Ex. 8) evens only

Social Studies-Sect 2 Review: p. 78#1-13 (answer #6-13 in complete sentences) (#13 needs to be 3 sentences at least)

November 5, 2013

Science-Take notes and define vocabulary from pp. 80-83 in Science book.

Reading- Literature Circle work from scheduled reading section--continue looking

for vocabulary--due Friday

ELA-Continue studying most common misspelled words--test on Friday (notecards should be made for home)

p. 322: Exercise 4 & 5 all--due tomorrow--do not write out sentences

November 4, 2013

Science-Finish Matter Webquest packet--due tomorrow.

Reading-Literature Circle work; Story Map of Chapters read filled out--due tomorrow

Start compiling a list of 5-10 vocabulary words from reading this week--due Friday

ELA-Begin studying most common misspelled words--test on Friday (notecards should be made for home)

October 30, 2013

Science-Complete packet "Matter Webquest" sections 4 & 5--needs online access to complete.

Math-Page 183 # 1-10

October 29, 2013

Reading-Read next scheduled chapters in literature circle book and complete scheduled

part (i.e. Discussion Director, Character Captain, or Artful Artist)

ELA-Finish final copy of Compare/Contrast on Where the Red Fern Grows book and moview.

**We can print at school, but paper must be complete by tomorrow.

Science-Read and take notes over pp.77-79 and answer questions #1 & 2 in complete sentences.

October 28, 2013

Religion-Bring paper lunch bag to decorate into your Emergency Prayer Kit.

October 24, 2013

Math-Power Drill and Super 6 Due tomorrow.

Religion-Five Finger prayers due tomorrow.

October 23, 2013

Math-Use study guide to review for Chapter 3 test tomorrow.

October 22, 2013

Math-Chapter 3 test moved to Thursday.

October 18, 2013

Math- Chapter 3 review:  Pages 152-154 # 4-28 EVENS, #56-66 EVENS, and # 74 and 75.  Chapter 3 Test On Wednesday.

October 16, 2013

Math-Page 139 # 12-20

October 14, 2013

ELA-p. 320 Exercise B #1-5

Social Studies-Venn Diagram over pp 66-69; define vocab in notebook

Math-Power Drill due Friday.  Complete Monday super 6 if you did not finish in class.

Religion-Write a prayer (1) of thanksgiving, (2) for others, (3) and for help.

October 11, 2013

Science--Need to bring Johnathan Apple & glass jar (large enough for apple) by next Thursday.

ELA--p. 320, Ex. 1 #1-10

Reading--Where the Red Fern Grows presentation due on Monday!!

October 10, 2013

Math- Pg. 132 # 11-20 & Power Drill due tomorrow.

October 9, 2013

Science- Have students work periodically on the following website for Metric Conversion:

AAA Math

**Students need to bring a glass jar (pickle jar sized) and a Johnathan Apple to class on Thursday,

October 17th for Science experiment.

Reading/ELA: Students complete Where the Red Fern Grows packet and

work on Presentation due Monday.

October 8, 2013

Math-Page 120 # 14-28 EVENS. Power Drill due Friday.

Religion-Study Chapter 2 Review- Test Tomorrow!!!  

October 7, 2013

Religion-Study Chapter 2 Review- Test Wednesday!!!

Reading-Read Ch.l8 and fill out Reading Guide; complete "Main Idea" worksheet on car racing.

ELA-Write paragraph (skip lines while writing)about favorite childhood memory. Circle all nouns and

label common nouns with a "C" and proper nouns with a "P". Proper capitalization and punctuation

will be graded as well.

Social Studies-Create "Cuneiform" writing on computer paper and make colorful.

October 2, 2013

Math-Super 6 Week 6 Thursday & Page 110 # 1-13

Religion-Hail Holy Queen prayer quiz tomorrow.

October 1, 2013

Math-Super 6 Week 6 Wednesday

Science- Began Metric Mass Lab

ELA- Peer Edited "Little Ann/ Old Dan" Paper. Write final copy (either typed or handwritten), double spaced

with illustration (on copy paper given) of Chapter 13 included.

Reading- Read Ch. 15 and fill out Reading Guide for chapter

Social Studies- Take notes pp 56-57 and answer questions from SMART board

September 30, 2013

Math-Super 6 Week 6 Monday AND TUESDAY.

September 26, 2013

Math-Super 6 Week 5 Thursday

September 25, 2013

Math-Chapter 2 sections 1, 2, and 4 quiz tomorrow!!!  Study pages 94 and 95 sections 1, 2, and 4! 

Week 5 Wednesday Super 6

September 24, 2013

Religion-Young Rich Man Worksheet

Math-Page 72 #8-20 EVENS and Week 5 Super 6-Tuesday

September 23, 2013

Math-Super 6 Week 5 Monday

Reading-Read Ch. 10 and fill out packet using book mark (Super 6 Reading Strategies)

ELA-Complete worksheet on Direct/Indirect Objects

Social Studies-watched video on Paleolithic and Neolithic periods of time

Science- Independent Variables Test

September 18, 2013

Religion-Act of Contrition Contemporary version-quiz tomorrow

Math-Super 6 Wednesday and Thursday

September 17, 2013

Math-Page 60 # 13-24

Religion-Worksheet Page 5 & 6 Due Thursday.

September 16, 2013

Science-Lab test on Tuesday and Variables test on Wednesday.

Social Studies-Study Ch. 1 Review (Test on Wednesday)and answer 3 short answer questions:

1. During the Paleolithic Era, what covered most of the northern part of the world? How did

people survive?

2. What surplus items were made by people in the Catal Huyuk?

3. What worldwide condition probably led to the rise of agriculture in many places around the globe?

ELA- p. 334 #1-25: find the verb and the direct object for each

Reading- Read CH. 9 and write a summary about the chapter.

*If you have Ch. 8 worksheet, read Ch. 8 and answer questions, in complete sentences.

*If you have Ch. 7 worksheet, read Ch. 7 and answer questions, in complete sentences.

Math-Super 6 Week 3 Monday

September 13, 2013

Science-Answer the two questions at the bottom of Surface Tension/Cohension Experiment page

ELA-p. 336  #1-20 in English Book--write down the verbs only no indirect of direct objects

Social Studies-Complete Ch. Review on pp. 50-51 #1-11, 19-20 only.

There will be a Ch. 1 Social Studies test on Wednesday!

September 12, 2013

Math- Variables and Expressions worksheet B

Religion-Study the chapter 1 review, and notes for Chapter 1 Test tomorrow.

September 11, 2013

Science- Students write experiment about "Bubble Time". Must be in the Scientific Method format.

Math-Week 2 Wednesday Super 6

September 10. 2013

Social Studies-Outline notes on pp. 44-45.

Reading-Finish reading Ch. 6 in Where the Red Fern Grows

and fill out Ch. 5-6 Study Guide

Math-Super 6 Week 2 Tuesday

Religion-Chapter 1 Test on Friday!!

September 9. 2013

Math-Super 6 Week 2 Monday

September 6, 2013

Religion-I will collect worksheet from Thursday on Monday (9-9-13)

September 5, 2013

Science- Test over Ch. 1

Reading-Read Ch. 5-6 in Where the Red Fern Grows.

Fill out packet using "Super 6"Strategies for Ch. 5 only(strategies on bookmark & packet).

Math-Super 6-Wednesday and Thursday


Social Studies- Made "Cave Art" for unit on ancient civilization unit.

Thanks for all the supplies!

September 4, 2013

Math-Quiz over section 1.7 Patterns and Sequences.  Study guide page 44 #53-57.

September 3, 2013

Math-Week 1 Super 6-Tuesday.

Religion-Pg 16 Blue Box.