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Miss Lisbon & Mrs. Burns'

6th Grade Homework


Lisbon usernames and passwords

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Tuesday, September 30th

Math-Simple Solutions lesson #23 (due Thursday) and Study for Ch.2 test tomorrow!!

Science-3.2 vocab

Religion-3.4 worksheet

Social Studies-study for test tomorrow!!

Monday, September 29th

Math-Finish board game if you didn't in class and Simple Solutions lesson #22

E.L.A- 6B: Study for MM test and vocab test tomorrow! 6L: finish comprehension questions

Science- states of matter worksheet

Religion-3.3 worksheet

Friday, September 26th

Math-Simple Solution lesson #21

Science-3.1 vocab/definitions

Thursday, September 25th

Math-Study for simple solutions quiz tomorrow! (over lessons 17-20)

Religion-3.1 worksheet

E.L.A-6B: finish journal response, pg.11 #4-5, pg.12 #1-3 6L: ch.14 comprehension questions

Wednesday, September 24th

Math- pg.92 #2-26 even and Simple Solutions lesson #20

Science-study for test tomorrow!

E.L.A- 6B: MM pg.9 #4-5 pg.10 #4-5 pg.11 #1-3 6L: ch.13 comprehension questions

Social Studies-finish Pharaoh poster

Tuesday, September 23rd

E.L.A- 6B: finish journal response, pg.9 #1-3 6L: ch.12 comprehension questions

Math- pg.86-87 #2-26 even SKIP #4 and 18. Simple Solutions #19

Science- Study for ch.2 test on Thursday!

Religion- 3.1 worksheet

Monday, September 22nd

Math- pg.83 #2-36 even and Simple Solutions lesson #18

E.L.A- 6B: comprehension questions pg.8 and finish journal response 6L: ch.11 and 12 comprehension questions



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